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Every morning before getting on with his Earl-y business, the second Earl of Grey would sit down to a nice cup of tea. However, he grew bored with the common varieties and wanted something new. Tea merchant after tea merchant came and left with the very best they had to offer, but none were good enough for the Earl of Grey. Finally, one strapping young merchant came with a brew made of black tea and bergamot. The Earl was so taken with this blend, that he had it named after himself and never sought another tea again the rest of his life. Eventually, it became a staple of English tea time!

Honestly folks, I don’t know if any of the previous story is true…however, I do know the British have been in love with this blend for over two centuries!!!!

Earl Grey tea has a fairly simple basis, giving plenty of room for every variation one could imagine. Black tea gives it the customary dark strong flavor, plus the lovely addition of caffeine. Bergamot oil, made from the rind of Bergamot Oranges, originally grown in Calabria, Italy, is added to the tea giving it the unique citrus zest Earl Grey is known for. This incredible combination lends itself to including all manners of added flavors. Let your imagination run wild!

Here at TeaMaze we have six kinds of Earl Grey.

If you are looking for the straightforward bergamot style, either the Premium or Classic is the way to go. While all our teas are of high quality, Premium Earl Grey offers a richer black tea flavor and boasts the highest amount of caffeine out of our six varieties. Classic Earl Grey is, well, a bit more classic. The bergamot is stronger, hitting your senses the moment a package is opened, and it pairs seamlessly with the black tea to create a robust drink that energizes you morning and afternoon.

If you are a bit more adventurous look towards the Manhattan or French blends. Marigold and mallow blossoms have been added to the Manhattan Earl Grey to create a unique and intoxicating floral aroma. The richness of Earl Grey lies underneath the floral tones, keeping this medium-strength tea bold, yet beautiful. French Earl Grey feels like you are sipping afternoon tea in the shadow of the Eiffel Tower. Whole rose petals gently subdue the Earl Grey into a supporting role, while lending the unique scent and flavor reminiscent of the majestic rose gardens of aristocratic Europe.

Our final pair entice the senses with the relaxing Lavender or smooth Vanilla Cream. Lavender Earl Grey may seem like a slight paradox. Relaxing lavender merges with the energizing properties of black tea to create a blend which simultaneously relieves stress and invigorates the mind. The lavender flavor is the first to hit your tongue, followed by the bergamot, then black tea, thus making it one of the most unique blends of our Earl Greys. Last but certainly not least, is our newest addition to the family, Earl Grey Cream. The infusion of vanilla makes this version into a wonderful after breakfast or dinner treat. Although it’s a perfect indulgence by itself, with a little sugar or cream, you may find yourself eager to enjoy a cup of Earl Grey Cream instead of a traditional warm breakfast pastry, or after dinner dessert.

So which of our different blends of this tea time staple is right for you? Only you can decide, but for me I am obsessed with Manhattan in the morning, Classic in the afternoon and Cream as my after-dinner delight! I hope you will take some time to check them out. I assure you that doing so will be the first step in making your daily routine an Earl-a-licious one!

-Aryana Mattmann


Hi everyone! I’m a Junior at University of Missouri Science & Technology, majoring in Geology, and an avid fiction writer! I am also the Vice President of Finance for my sorority, Kappa Delta, and work at the University’s writing center. I have been drinking tea since I was a wee child, and have been part of the TeaMaze staff since 2018 just after we opened. My favorite teas are Manhattan Earl Grey, Earl Grey Cream, White Chocolate, Blueberry Muffin Rooibos and Butterfly Pea. I hope you enjoy my Earl-a-licious blog!!

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