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Our 100 % pure organic white tea is grown at an altitude of 1200 – 2100 m, this rare white tea has a very light golden cup.  This white tea from Shangri-La is smooth, light and offers a touch of fruitiness in its taste.    It contains lots of fine buds and very small leaves, of course grown at elevation–it’s from Nepal.

History of White Tea: The earliest written records to specifically mention white tea date to around a thousand years ago, but many believe that white tea is actually the earliest form of tea consumed in Asia, since it is subjected to the smallest possible amount of processing. While green and black teas are roll, pressed, cut, or fermented, white tea is simply dried with the minimal amount of handling.

Antioxidants: White tea contains high amounts of antioxidants, which are helpful for maintaining good overall health, but have also been shown to help prevent many severe chronic diseases such as diabetes and heart disease.

Prevent Cancer: There are promising studies indicating that white tea can actually kill cancer cells and prevent their growth, while also protecting healthy cells from damage caused by cancer.

Oral Health: Other studies show that drinking unsweetened white tea can block the growth of oral bacteria, promoting healthy teeth and gums.

Brain Health: The catechins in white tea (catechins are a type of plant compound) have been the subject of several studies which indicate that drinking white tea may boost your metabolism, protect your brain from toxicity, and improve your cognitive ability.

Our Nepal Shangri-La white tea is grown at altitudes ranging from 1,200 – 2,100 meters and harvested gently by hand in Nepal. The minimal handling is evident by the delicate silver hairs still present on the fragile young buds. The flavor is a nuanced and complex bouquet of subtle floral notes and faint earthy sweetness with an almost fruity quality.

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Ratio: 2 tsp per cup (295ml / 10oz)
Steep: 2-3 mins, 82°C / 180°F.


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